Monday, July 28, 2014

Spring Break with the H's-2014

Part of my spring break in March was spent in Gillette with the H's.  It was so much fun to spend time with them, especially Hudson.  He had recently found his toes, which was fun to see.  He had the bluest eyes, which is unusual in the family.  All the other kids have brownish ones.  Here are some fun photos.

It snowed while I was there.  They loved playing in it.

It was so cute. After I took this photo, I told him to smile.....

.....And this is what I got.

And some more of Hudson, 'cause you can't have too much of this face.

Temple Square with the W's

In February, Mike and his family stopped in SLC on their way to San Diego for Spring Break.  They made time in their schedule to meet me at Temple Square for a few hours.  It was great to see them all!

After the sites at Temple Square, we went across the street to the mall.  To keep the kiddos occupied, we tried on hats and things.  They were pretty silly.

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve was a big party this year.  Lots and lots of people.  We had dinner at Mike and Nicole's, read the Christmas Story where the kiddos acted out the parts, had the fish pond...all the normal things.  It was out last year at that house and Mike and Nicole sold it this summer.

Kennedee, Whitney, Hannah, Marissa (the 7 year olds)

Kennedee, Maria, Whit, Hannah, Kalli, Marissa, Kaydree

The kid's table.

Hannah, one of our shepherds.

Wilson, our resident homeless man (drinking while pushing his shopping cart).

Pre-Christmas Activities-2013

One of the perks of being a student is the long Christmas break.  I'm usually able to watch the niblings in a few of their Christmas activities.  Whitney, Sariah, and Bekah were in a dance recital, which I got to help out with.  I was behind the curtain helping the girls get ready to dance.  "Remember to smile, have fun, ...."  It was actually a lot of fun.  Here are a few pics of the event.

Whitney with her friend Marissa Parks

The 3 girlies

Whitney's class

Sariah's class

Whitney started taking piano lessons last year.  She had her first recital while I was home.  She played 2 numbers and did a really good job.

Grandma (mom) decided to have a sleepover the week before Christmas where she could give all the kiddos their pajamas.  Here they are lining up waiting to get their PJs.

I love this picture of Wilson and Weston.  
Weston loves his big brother and is always 'looking up' to him.

Here they are with their PJs on.  They loved them.


Grandma and Weston

Watching a movie before sleeping.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hudson's Blessing

Hudson Eli Hendershot was born on September 23 and was blessed on November 10.  The whole family was able to be there for it.  We all got together on Saturday and took the kids to a local game place.  They had tons of fun.  Then we had a dinner with Chelsey's side of the family at the church.  Then on Sunday, Hudson was blessed.  I got there a few days early in order to snuggle with him.  He's such a good baby.  He looks so much like the others did at that age.  I didn't want to leave.

While I was there, we decided to go to Devil's Tower.  We actually walked around the entire thing.  I only had to give Heidi help a few times.

The kiddos cheesing out

Hudson found his thumb.  It was so cute.

Nicole and Whit taking their turn to hold him.

On our way to play games.

Hudson with his great-grandpa Jackson

Weston enjoying some toys.